If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000
If life is in danger call Triple Zero 000

Financial counselling service

Are you feeling stressed or anxious about your financial situation? Do you have creditors pursuing you? Our experienced and qualified team of Financial Counsellors are here to help you find a way forward. Financial Counselling is a confidential and free service.

People’s situation can change suddenly, job loss, health issues, relationship breakdown
can all contribute to financial stress. Financial Counsellors can offer options, provide
information and referrals, and advocate on your behalf.

Our service

More and more people are experiencing financial distress due to the increased cost of living, interest rate rises and rental increases.


We work with you to address immediate financial concerns, and significantly reduce stress and worry.


Call: 02 8287 1162

Email: csappointments@lifelineh2h.org.au

Mandarin Financial Counselling (财务咨询)

If you are overwhelmed by your financial situation, creditors, or need help creating a budget, our team of experienced Financial Counsellors are here for you.




Appointments can be by phone, face to face or online.




如需预约,请致电 (02) 8287 1101

或发送电子邮件至 csappointments@lifelineh2h.org.au


Financial counselling may help if you are:

  • facing mortgage stress or are in rental arrears
  • struggling with the increased cost of daily living
  • struggling to manage credit cards and paying debts
  • being pressured by creditors or debt collectors
  • facing Centrelink, ATO or State Debt Recovery debts


  • facing legal action regarding debt
  • concerned about being evicted
  • considering bankruptcy
  • in need of help with budgeting.

We will listen to your concerns in a non-judgmental and caring manner.

We can:

  • offer information and options about your financial situation
  • work through solutions with you
  • advocate with creditors, government agencies – with your consent
  • provide referrals to other support services

A financial counsellor is not a financial investor, financial adviser or tax agent.

What's next?

Financial Counselling is a FREE and flexible service.

Appointments are by phone, face to face or online.

Call: 02 8287 1162

Email: csappointments@lifelineh2h.org.au