Lifeline Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service


A call for support takes courage

Serving one’s country is an honour and privilege, but the uniquely demanding experience of military service can have long-lasting effects on mental wellbeing. While we lean on support from family and friends, it can be beneficial to speak to an independent ear with an empathic understanding of a veteran's life. 

An integrated third-party service for veterans, family members and carers. 

Our program

Lifeline has been supporting Australians in crisis for 57 years. We understand that there are times when an additional layer of support is vital, and backup from our team of skilled, compassionate and non-judgmental professionals can help.

With our expertise as trusted leaders in crisis intervention and suicide prevention, Lifeline can provide you and your family access to an entire suite of personal counselling and community support services, which includes assistance with:

· Anxiety and depression

· Anger management

· Emotional regulation

· Withdrawal and isolation

· Relationship conflict

· Financial stress

· Legal matters

· Referral pathways to additional support

· Suicide bereavement

Lifeline's Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service (VMHS)* is ancillary to specialised services already available to service leavers, reservists and those who have served in the armed forces. We acknowledge the specific challenges and mental-health issues faced by the veteran community, and can apply a holistic approach to designing a customised support program to meet complex personal needs.

Lifeline stands ready to assist. Find the courage to seek the help you need and call us today on 9498 8805, or email us here.

* This service is funded by a grant generously provided by Black Dog Ride. 


Tell us how we can help 


For immediate, urgent assistance, you can call our 13 11 14 line any time of the day or night.