Book Fair Donations

Please read on for more information and if you have any further queries,
please call (02) 9498 8805 or email us at

Our quality standards

Because we pride ourselves on the good quality and condition of books at our sales, we can only accept good-condition items that can be resold (with the exception of rare, valuable or antiquarian books). If items are yellowed, mouldy, torn, dirty, written in, defaced, have pages stuck together, or are in any other way significantly damaged, please recycle them rather than go to the trouble of bringing them to us.

If you have more than a few books, please place them in a small-sized cardboard box or shopping bag, which is light enough to be easily carried.

If you have any enquiries about donations, please call (02) 9498 8805 or email us at

Donating your pre-loved books?

Here's what we can and cannot accept:

Yes please!

New and used books



Vinyl records

Comic, graphic novels & Manga

Sheet music

Talking books audio on CD


Maps and atlases

Computer games

Collections of postage stamps

Materials in languages other than English

Jigsaw puzzles

Sorry, no thanks!

Reader's Digest magazines

Condensed books

Adult encyclopaedias, no matter how new

Magazines, including National Geographic Australian Geographic

Video tapes

Books that are 'leftovers' from other organisations' book sales, fetes or charity fundraising events

Books that have been 'retired' from school and public library collections

Any item not meeting our quality standards

Donations are accepted strictly at the times shown below.

West Lindfield Book Depot

Operating Hours:

Book Depot: Mon–Thurs, 9:00am–3pm, excluding public holidays

Address: Located on the corner of Polding Road and Ignatius Road. Drive up the driveway through the bushy block to the carpark.

Hornsby Book Depot

Operating Hours:

Book Depot: Tues–Thurs 9:30am–1:30pm.

Address: 1/51 Leighton Pl,
Hornsby NSW 2077

Gordon Book Shed

Operating Hours:

Book Shed: Open 24/7

Office: Please use the book shed in the car park. This shed is emptied on Monday and Friday mornings as well as Wednesday afternoons. If the shed is full, please do not leave donations outside the shed as they can become weather-damaged. 

Polding Road Book Depot

On reaching the far end of Leighton Place at the top of the hill, a large white sign can be seen, "51 Leighton Place - 150mtrs". Follow the driveway in the direction shown past other buildings. No. 51 is at the end of the driveway, and unit 1 can be reached by taking the down ramp to the left of the main entrance. Unit 1 is immediately at the bottom of the ramp on the right. Please park with consideration for other tenants.

The Lifeline Book Shed is located directly behind our office at 4 Park Avenue Gordon in the car park, off Pearson Avenue. As you enter the car park, there is a silver-coloured garden shed on the right, set back slightly from the car park and next to the blue clothing bins.