Community Visitors Scheme Volunteers

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) provides friendship and companionship by matching clients and volunteers with similar interests and ideas.

Do you have time to support an older person and enrich their quality of life through a friendly visit or phone call?

Visits include something both parties can enjoy such as having a cup of tea and a chat, listening to music, a walk or an outing

Interactions can be done face-to-face or via phone, video link or letter

Volunteer locally and have an impact nationally

Develop new skills for personal and professional growth

Offer hope, and make new friends

Join the Lifeline community



I could not manage without the service. Cannot thank you enough.

                     - CVS recipient



What does a CVS volunteer do?

  • CVS volunteers provide a mutually rewarding service, engaging with the community while making a real difference to their clients' lives.
  • By sharing your time and interests with someone local, you can help to enhance their motivation, confidence, independence and wellbeing.
  • Visits are made once a week or fortnight on a fixed day and time.
  • Visit clients in their aged-care facility or in their own homes.