Lifeline Suicide Crisis Prevention Program

Lifeline Suicide Crisis Prevention Program (LSCSP)

This program aims to help clients stay safe through their current crisis and develop strategies to sustain their life. Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury Sydney has been operating this suicide prevention service since 2000.

  • one-on-one phone contact
  • from a crisis supporter experienced in working with people at risk of suicide
  • short-term, caring, non-judgmental support
  • focused on staying safe through a period of crisis.

Our LSCSP counsellors aim to:

  • work collaboratively with the client
  • build a trusting and empowering relationship
  • develop and reinforce a plan for staying safe
  • encourage creative ways of seeking help
  • develop and support coping strategies and resilience
  • help the client to connect or re-connect with their resources within their community
  • identify a support network and/or ways of staying safe in the future.

This program is suitable for anyone who is:

  • 18 years or over, and at risk of suicide or has attempted suicide and is in a current crisis 
  • willing and able to consent to and participate in the program
  • living in NSW (this link can take you to our National Office website Other Lifeline Centres).