ECLIPSE Support Group

ECLIPSE Support Group

“Suicide” can be a hard word to say, let alone be a topic of conversation. In the Eclipse group, we are not afraid to talk about suicide.

Eclipse is a support group for adults who have survived a suicide attempt.

The group focus

The group provides an opportunity to meet and talk with others who have survived a suicide attempt. Participants may learn skills that assist in coping with feelings and thoughts of suicide in order to stay safe in the future.

Group format and participation

The support group is a closed, confidential group. Participants all start at the same time and complete the eight weeks together, making it more comfortable to share personal stories. It is important for participants to attend all group sessions.

Expectations for the group

Eclipse is a support group, not therapy. We recommend that group participants have additional resources outside of the group, such as counsellors or therapists. Lifeline can refer participants to appropriate services.

The group shares the additional purpose of developing research regarding support for those considering suicide. Lifeline H2H is joining other Lifeline centres trialling the Eclipse support program, with collaboration from the Lifeline Research Foundation and the University of New England. Participation in this research trial supports additional research into suicide prevention.

The Eclipse support group has already been piloted by Lifeline Mid-Coast in collaboration with Professor Myfanwy Maple and her research team from the University of New England, with positive feedback from participants. 

Group Details

Venue: Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury (4 Park Avenue, Gordon). View directions

Dates: The first group will be running on Thursdays from 3 May–28 June from 6pm–8pm. The second group will be running on Thursdays from 28 September–16 November from 1pm–3pm. Please register your interest for either group by contacting us here.

Duration: 2-hour session on Thursdays, running for 8 weeks.

Cost: FREE; while no referral is required, the support of a health professional is encouraged.

Facilitators are experienced in:

  • Suicide crisis support
  • Suicide prevention education
  • Suicide bereavement
  • Support groups facilitation

How to Participate

  1. Contact Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury on 9498 8805 to chat about any questions you have about the Eclipse group.
  2. A face-to-face conversation will be arranged prior to the group commencing.
  3. After speaking with a Lifeline staff member, and you both agree that the group is a good fit for your needs, you will be invited to participate.