Lifeline Partners

Lifeline Partners

Our supporters play a significant role in enabling our Centre to continue delivering our present wide range of crisis support and suicide prevention programs. Together we save lives within our communities.

Alliances based on shared vision, values and objectives

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury Sydney seeks alliances with supporter-organisations which are based on shared vision, values and objectives. Our supporters include Rotary clubs and other service clubs, government organisations, private companies, individual and community supporters, including schools and churches.

Sadly, we do not have space to appropriately acknowledge all our wonderful supporters, large and small. On this page, we identify and thank our two highest levels of supporters: our Partners and Community Partners.

Our Lifeline H2H Partners

The ongoing high level of support that the following five organisations give us enables Lifeline H2H to deliver important activities or services that simply could not happen without their involvement.

Our Lifeline H2H Community Partners

The following organisations have actively supported Lifeline H2H over the last three years or more, by providing services, locations or facilities, funding and fund-raising assistance, manpower and/or expertise, which enables vital Lifeline H2H services, events or other activities to take place.