Critical Work Continues for the Community Suicide Response Team

This CSR came about in response to increasing concern with youth suicide in the Harbour to Hawkesbury area in the early COVID-19 Pandemic. The CSR responds to all ages to support communities in the wake of the suicide of a loved one.

Lifeline H2H offers small group psychological support to families and communities in the LLH2H LGA experiencing suicide bereavement in a timely manner. The emergency postvention service is available Monday to Friday and after hours and enables counsellors to go into a community either face to face or via zoom.  This free service is complimentary to LLH2H’s full suite of clinical services and clients can be referred in for individual counselling and/or Suicide Bereavement Support Group.  

Jennifer says. “The group dynamic of this service allows us to normalise the complex feelings the group may be experiencing, and we can then ensure that they’re armed with the correct psychoeducation on suicide and appropriate referrals for ongoing support.” 

LLH2H is now actively involved in the North Sydney Collaborative for Suicide Prevention & Postvention. Recently, in an exciting development in this space Lifeline Australia in collaboration with LLH2H, sent out geotargeted social media messaging aimed to reach those at risk of suicide and carers for those at risk, the resources to enlist the support of LLH2H and LLA if in need.  

For more information on CSR service and other clinical and group support available to those bereaved by suicide, please visit: