Thank you, Wendy

After 34 years of involvement with Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury Sydney and 12 years as CEO, Wendy Carver has officially retired. Wendy’s incredible leadership and dedication to H2H enabled the organisation to meet community needs with an increased provision of tailored services, while simultaneously opening up new funding pathways to support that growth – all to help Lifeline save more lives.

Wendy has worn many hats at Lifeline H2H. In 1988, she first became involved as a volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporter (TCS), undergoing intensive training that allowed her to assist help seekers to 13 11 14. She answered these calls for ten years and became a member of the board during that time. 

From 1996 to 2006, Wendy worked as Services Manager, overseeing what were the centre’s two core services: the TCS line and Community Aid – which of course have since grown to the comprehensive suite of multiple clinical, training and community services offered today. Multitasking, she operated as a Personal Counsellor for the same 11 years, using her tertiary qualifications in Psychology to support clients face to face.

In 2021 Wendy was awarded The Order of Australia Medal for Services to Community Mental Health. Wendy was incredibly humbled by the medal and commented that it was “about what ALL OF US at Lifeline H2H have achieved and the countless people we have helped. And for that, I do feel humbled and so, so grateful.”

So thank you, Wendy. Thank you for your wisdom, compassion, dedication and leadership. You have made a lasting difference to Lifeline H2H and all of us who were privileged to work alongside you. We hope you enjoy your well deserved retirement.